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Where would John go? London

Where Would John Go? - London

No lists of the best museums, no toe-curling guides to the ‘hippest’ clubs and bars in the city, no advice on where to stay either (well, maybe we’ll help you out a little bit on that last one). That’s just not how John Altman (baker, nudist, part-time roadie, full-time hippy) rolls. Instead of all that hogwash, Where Would John Go? is a proper guide to the character of the city that tells you how to make the most out of your stay in London by doing nothing. Nada. Niks. Sweet fuck all.

Meandering down a river on a boat with a beer in one hand and the rudder in another? Sure. Having a barbecue in the park? Absolutely. A game of boules by the canalside? Why on earth not? That’s what everyone else here does and that’s exactly the kind of thing we’ll help you to do too.

Travel with Where Would John Go? in your heart (and your pocket) and you’ll be soon be at home in London and beyond. Because wherever John goes is home.

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